Poker Overseas

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Anyone ever play outside the US? Where?


  1. I've played in London, Monte Carlo, Prague, Germany, Budapest, Aruba, Bahamas, New Zealand, and Australia (Melbourne and Sidney).....and all I can say is this....there ain't nothing like poker in the good'ol USA!

  2. Does a home game in Cabo with my buddies in college count?

  3. I've played a lot of poker in Costa Rica over the years of living there. I prefer the poker there over Vegas. There is a tight community of poker players that all get together almost every night and play at different casinos. There were always good cash games and tournaments going on.
    Win or lose, I had fun every night I played there. The players and the people in Costa Rica just made the game fun and did not take everything so one wore sunglasses at the table, got mad when they lost a hand, or criticized another player or the dealers. Everyone just played and had it should be.

  4. I played in cash games in Monterrey Mexico but the rake was horrendous. The Monterrey, Mexico games I played I believe are illegal but I think the police are bribed so they are very visible in public places and don't get any trouble from the police. The rake, however, is 10% of the pot! When I first played I was super excited because I won a $1000+ cash game pot but instantly horrified when I saw the dealer rake $100+ before he shoved me the pot! Makes the $4 max rake you typically find in Vegas games look like a screaming good deal!

  5. I've played a little in Ireland. I recall a club in Galway with one table where everyone had clearly known each other for years and years, and I think I was the only person at the table NOT named Patrick or Sean...