Protocol for Tipping on Hand Pay Jackpot

Off Topic by JAMIE Posted

I've always been curious to know, what is the protocol for tipping slot attendants paying out a hand pay jackpot? This would be any win over $1,200. Some people have told me as little as 1% is customary and I've also heard up to 10%. Also, do you take into consideration things like how long it takes them to come back and pay you and adjust percentage accordingly or are you just tipping because its the expected thing to do?


  1. not use about slots but when i was in bakerfield . my part of the room bad beat was like 1,200 and i gave the dealer a 25 dollar tip. even thou he didnt deal the hand and my table wasnt in the hand(if it was then i think we would of got like 5k) i was just tipping to tip bcuz i wasnt excepting to win 1200 dollars that night .lol.

  2. Is say 2-3% is common place. Normally $20-$40 on a $1200 hand pay, and $100 on $5k. Obviously you aren't required to tip at all, but this seems quite standard.