Still searching for perfect breakfast place to watch football on Vegas strip

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Heading to Vegas next weekend for my annual trip with the guys. Every year, we try to find the best option for eating a great breakfast or brunch while watching the early NCAA and NFL games before we head out to play poker. There are plenty of lunch places that open at 11AM but we really want a breakfast place to watch the 10AM games.

We've done Tom's Urban, Nine Fine Irishmen, and Ri Ra.

We would prefer to remain on the strip.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Jardin at Encore. Poker Room is right around the corner. Sport is right there also. Word of caution, 1/3 at Encore plays big. A game is required.

  2. @KingKelley Thanks for the recommendation. Honestly, I've never made it to the Wynn/Encore. Now I've got a reason to try it out!

  3. @Cypress Hunter Lagasse's doesn't open until 11AM

  4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The best kept secret in Vegas is the breakfast at The four Queens..a place called....Magnolia’s Veranda!!! Go get em!!!!!

  5. @pokerdon42 They were looking to stay on the Strip ... that's in Downtown.

  6. @Scooter ..Im talking breakfast..when I stay on the strip..I get in my car and I drive downtown to this place..why? Because its worth it!! But if you want a strip breakfast that's easy! Downstairs at Harrah's casino on the strip!