Toss up

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Ok..I need some weigh in please. I am going double or nothing after last week's sure thing came in. This week I am torn between taking the Patriots at -7.5 at home vs. Miami or taking the Packers at -5 on the road at Buffalo. Thoughts please.


  1. Ok...due to lack of advice..I am splitting my bet...half on each team...not that anyone cares...go Cowboys!

  2. @txevans lol FWIW I'm not sure I like GB -5 @ BUF. They don't cover that much Away.

  3. @thamster dam...where were you 6 hours ago

  4. @txevans lol sorry! Wish I replied as soon as I saw your msg...

  5. @thamster well..since I am now back to you like the cowboys to beat the eagles..or at least not lose by more than 3?

  6. @txevans well...guess I will tuck tail for this week and see what game looks good next week...don't see either team being too strong tonight

  7. @txevans dayum hamster..just don't tell me you had a feeling about Dallas or guess I will have to shoot myself! Lol

  8. @txevans lol u gotta give me more than few hours notice! No opinion on DAL-PHI. I like the U on NO-CHI and if I must pick, NO moneyline.