Working Girls & Promo whoring

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I posted this over in the AVP forums too; but here is a cross-post

Even though I live in Las Vegas, I almost never get propositioned by "working girls." I guess I look like too much of a bum to afford their services. But, last night that changed.

I played poker at MGM where I was "promo whoring" and chasing both the football promotion and the every 4 hour drawings that they do. As per usual, I never got picked for the football drawings or the 4 hour promotion. Not long after the 8PM drawing, and with the football game over, a couple of the really bad tourists left my table and it broke. I got moved to a new table with a bunch of local grinders and a few unknowns with really short stacks. So, I decided to call it a night and head over to Bellagio to check out the Conservatory set up for the fall. After that, I went wandering around the casino for a little while -- I didn't gamble, just checked out all of the carnival games that are scattered around the casino floor and which I walk by on my way to the poker room. As I was walking away from near one of the tables, I was approached by a working girl, who told me "don't run away baby" as I was walking in a different direction. That's as much of her spiel as I heard, saying "no thanks."

I joked with AVP & Poker Atlas' own RobVegasPoker that the hooker approach might change my promo whoring luck. Turns out, I was right. Tonight, I played at MGM again (badly and was down almost a buyin). I was close to leaving, but it was 11:45, so I hung around for the midnight drawing. Granted I only had 1 ticket in, but it was a $1,000 giveaway -- with $400 to the first name pulled (if present) and $100 to each of the next 6 names pulled (again if present). First name out was mine. Made a losing night into a winner, even after a decent tip to Spike, the dealer that got me that single ticket.



  1. @robvegaspoker - All I noticed was that she was to be polite "heavy-set" and was wearing stupidly high heels. She was wearing a rather low cut purple dress -- so low, I actually thought she was a club goer until the approach.

    I'm trying to remember if she even had a purse. I think she did and it was a shoulder bag, which would be at least medium-sized. But, if she is approaching a low-stakes nit like me, then obviously she is new to the business, so not sure what we can really glean from any of her accessory choices.


  2. lol reminds me of last yrs trip i was at McDonald on the strip in the early am about 7 am and was sitting at a table and 2 ladies of the night comes in in their short tight ass skirts and then sit down facing my table with their coffees and one of them has her legs spread eagle letting everything hang out and then looks straight at me and says just letting it air out. Lord i started laughing and choking on my coffee as i am thinking that no, you are letting it drain out....

  3. This reminds me of our inaugural (now annual) guys trip to Vegas - 4 of us were playing blackjack one night and a nice looking lady walks up and asks "is there a free seat at the table?" We stated there was one and she took a seat. None of us can recall exactly how the conversation quickly took us to the fact that 3 of us were happily married, one had a kid and another of us had one on the way, and then she was suddenly gone, without even playing a hand. We all looked bewildered when the dealer, sadly, pointed out to us that it was a "lady of the night..." We were all shocked but then tried to find here immediately as there was, in fact, the 4th one in the group!!! The poor guy needed love...

  4. @t.giblin she was sizing you guys up. She left because nobody looked like they wanted to give her any money. If someone showed some interest in her she would have stayed and those women don't care if a guy is married or not.

    It's probably for the best that the 4th guy in the group didn't spend any time with her. If someone can't spot a hooker they are going to be much easier to rob.

  5. haha that's nice! congratss

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