Alternate Seats for Choctaw Seniors Tourney


Hey, can anyone tell me if they will be selling alternate seats for the WPT Seniors event tomorrow (Monday)? I know they sold out for regular seats yesterday already. 2 hour drive so would like to know before I head out tomorrow.

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  1. I would say it’s unlikely. I’m in line for the deepstack alternate. Huge line. I asked about the senior tourney earlier and was told to check back later tonight or early tomorrow.

  2. @ixoye80550 Hmmm... OK, thanks. A buddy says they normally don't start selling alternate seats until the game starts. We'll see.

  3. Well, I got there about 2.5 hours before the game started and they had miraculously had about 45 seats open up for the start so was near enough to the front of the line to get in! Lots of fun. Had to re-chip but ended up 46th out of 794 entries to get all my money back but $10. :-)

  4. @Lone Star Guy did you happen to check on the Senior event scheduled for this coming Sunday? Can you register early? If yes when will they open it up?