Black Friday Anniversary Today

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Black Friday went down 3 years ago today. It was a very sad day and I remember exactly where I was when it happened (not too different from other major devastating events in US history). I can't believe 3 years have passed already. But it's pretty exciting to see how things are shaping up in the US where the rebirth of online poker is underway. I hope things are as exciting and enticing as they once were....and am optimistic that they eventually will be as more states come on board, and as more states start working together to share player pools.


  1. no coincidence that its also tax day which for most of us represents sadness and money loss LOL

  2. I only had Stars money and got paid right away. It's amazing that it took 3 years for Full Tilt players to get paid. What ever happened with Absolute players?

  3. Yeah, that was a bad day. I wasn't playing much online at that point, but some friends who were were devastated and actually moved out of the US a month later.

    I felt that way when UIGEA was passed in 2006 (when I *was* playing online a ton). It's not every day that the gov effectively makes your livelihood illegal (though it surprisingly took almost 5yrs to actually get enforced).

    And in case anyone needs a visual reminder:

    Hopefully we're finally on the other side of all that stuff, and can look forward to big multi-state (and legal) player pools again soon.