Broke n still trying to gamble

General Discussion by Ruperto Posted

Was in for 80 bucks in the 1/3 no limit was up n down for 3 hours but was up200 when I get pocket 10s so raised 25$$
1 caller with pocket 9s
Flop 875. I go all in he calls
Turn J
River 6!!!!!! I been running bad lately!!!!!
Lost everything in one hand!!!!!fffffffffffff


  1. Boo hoo, stop crying! You lost baby money, that’s chump change in the casino. Plus that happens to everyone all the time

  2. @Horcruxer That wasn't very nice.

  3. Don’t gamble if you can’t afford it

  4. That was not a good flop for you. All in right after that flop? STRAIGHTen out your thinking.

  5. Would ofdeff not went all in with three connecting str8 cards on flop.i see why you running bad .bad choices

  6. 😂 facts@Tommy2folds

  7. I realize this post is a few months old, but let us know what casino this is where people will call $25 pre-flop in a 1/3 game and then call $250 all-in with just a overpair and gut shot. The other guy played terrible and you got unlucky; if you can't deal with that I suggest a different hobby.