Brutal Hand

General Discussion by FlashAllen Posted

Pretty sick hand running 4 times. Think Hellmuth really slow-rolled this guy?


  1. Ah, I don't have a problem what Phil did here except being too nice and running it 4 times. Mercy is for the weak!

  2. I loved that everyone was trying to get Doyle to take sides and he just kept his mouth shut. #ClassAct

  3. DUH goes the Phil.....

  4. I think Phil was ok on this. He's only in trouble if the guys has 10's but when you're playing an amateur in a spot like that it has to come into your mind he might have it. It's still a lot of money.

    And I don't have a problem with him running 4 times. He did show a little mercy doing that and trying to keep the guy in the game. He figured the guy hits once and still has enough left over to stay in.

    So I have no problem with anything Phil did that hand at all.

  5. Yeah, I doubt Phil catches so much flack if it's not Phil Laak, Daniel Negreanu and Tony G sitting there. Doyle Brunson must have wanted to smack all those guys.

  6. No reason to run a hand 4 times. I suppose it allows for a break even but I'd never do it if was that far ahead.

  7. Laak reminds of that guy in high school who if you got him alone would act cool to you but then when he gets around his "buddies" he puts on the show. It's TV and I get that but those guys piling on Phil wasn't right. Now, busting his chops after the 3 out of 4 losses is definitely needle time!