CA Regulated Online Poker

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Assembly having a hearing today at 1:30 PT.

Stream here:


  1. I saw that PokerAtlas's CEO Jon Friedberg was there today. Hopefully he will write something about his thoughts or what he saw or heard while there.

  2. Hi guys, yes, I was there yesterday. Very interesting. It is clear that the state definitely wants to legalize online poker, but there are going to be some hurdles with all of the different interests: the CA card rooms, the Native American casinos, the lottery, and the race tracks. If everyone can get aligned, then things will be good to go. BUT that is a difficult thing to accomplish. I don't think anything will happen in CA this year, but hopefully in 2015 or 2016 at the latest!

    I'm happy to answer any other questions, if anyone has any. I got a chance to meet with the CEOs of,, and a bunch of other bigshots. Was pretty neat to see this all in person, and meet some of the powerhouses behind all of the action.

  3. @JonFriedberg Badass. I'm sure it was awesome making those connections