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Anyone have an intel on the Club Fortune poker room way out in Henderson? I took my family, including a young boy, out to Vegas for a long Memorial Day weekend. We stayed at the Westin Lake Las Vegas, which was fairly family friendly. I ran out one night when everyone was in bed and thought the closest poker room would be Club Fortune, so that is where I went (as opposed to the 40 minute drive to the Strip). Well, at about 8:30 PM on a Saturday Night, the poker room was roped off and not a soul was in the room. No players nor any poker room employees. Did this room quietly close? It was a beautiful looking room and recent reviews had me excited to give it a try. I will be back in about four weeks and was curious about the status of the room. It's too far out to drive if there is any question of this room even being open. Any status reports on the room would be greatly appreciated.


  1. The casino was just acquired by a company called Nevada Gold, which operates casino in Washington state -- see this article in the LVRJ The article doesn't mention any changes to operations, so I checked the website and it has a veteran's appreciation promotion scheduled for Monday June 22. That would tell me the room is still open.

    My guess is that since it's a small off-strip room, without Bravo, and the poker atlas listing says that it "opens at noon daily", the room is just not all that busy -- heck I live within 15 miles of that casino and I forgot they even have a poker room. My guess is that probably opens at noon and doesn't stay open much past it's 2PM tourney most days (or until dinner time whenever the locals decide to head home). Also, the website lists a promotions starting at 4PM on Tuesday and Friday, and at 5PM on Thursdays. Those might be times that nearby promo chasers hit the room. But, if you really want to play there on your next trip out, call before you start the drive out there to see what games are going.


  2. Thanks Rob and Dap. This was exactly what I was looking for. Also, very good advice about calling ahead. As a visitor to Vegas, I used to carry a slimmed down index card in my wallet with about a half dozen Vegas poker room phones numbers. This was before I had a smart phone. Probably a good idea to get back to that idea. I used to do this to call ahead and get on wait lists. But, as you both said, with a smaller room that is fairly out of the way, I have even more reason to call ahead.

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