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There are many different types of people at the poker table...

In other peoples' perspective, which type of player are you?

Is poker a luck game? Or a skill game? Or a hybrid.


  1. I see it as a hybrid. You can make the right reads and right calls but the cards will tell a different story.

  2. 50/50

  3. @Numbnutts I disagree, it’s more of skill than luck. 80/20. You need both to be a successful poker player.

  4. Poker is a game that tests your social intelligence. It is a ruthless, yet sophisticated game that challenges your patience, and makes you question your judgement. If you look at poker as a luck-based game, try and learn all about probability, learn when to fold. If you look at poker as a skill-based game, hone your skills as sharp as possible. Remember what your weapons are….”check”, “call”, “fold”, “raise”, “all-in”, your chip stack, your location at the table, the size of the blinds, etc. Sit at tables with drunk people. For fucks sake….put in your AirPods, bump some Green Day, and bluff those fools broke. Small talk at the table is dangerous, if you play in silence, they can’t get a read on you.

  5. It’s a skill game, until the river. I’m the type of player that everybody cusses at because I always flop the nuts. It’s not really true, but if you see my cards it is.

  6. @jamola666 you are correct. But when you’re running bad, just running bad it is.

    You and I are 2 different types of players boss… GL at the tables & Cheers…!!!

  7. @ryanN pretty much right

  8. @jamoSo he is right it's 50% skill 50% lucka666 AA

  9. I rather be lucky than good