Has anyone read....

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I am looking for a book to help with the preflop portion of my game and was wondering if any one has read the book MIT Holdem Point Count System by Daniel Weissman? For myself that this could maybe keep me out of trouble early. once i feel this has improved i can then hope to improve my after flop game. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


  1. Haven't heard of this book, but Dan Harrington probably has the best reputation for writing the best books...at least for tournaments. I suggest checking out his.

  2. I suggest Dan Harrington Cash Games. He helps you to understand the why and the when about starting hands.

  3. Thanks GameChanger and Gamin. Since both of you have suggested Dan Harrington books I will get started with one of those.

  4. I bought Harrington on Holdem early on and found it very effective in rounding my entire game.