Holdem -cash -levels

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We all know that when you go up in cash game levels , 1/2,2/5,5/10,10/20 ,there's better players and bigger bets. But ... is the play better or is the play as crazy as in a 1/2 game ?


  1. Well it really depends on your perception of it, some would say the play is better, others would say its just as crazy if not crazier. In my personal opinion the higher the stakes the better the play/players.

  2. Duski

  3. @corey_geisler yeah that's right, but there are always fish fooling around, and besides that it depends about how big is your bank

  4. @Gutti@91 the $$$ exactly.

  5. My opinion is that at a typical casino, the 2/5 game is typically harder than the 1/2 and the 5/10. The 2/5 has the most "players". The 1/2 has a lot of beginners, while the 5/10 has a lot of "gamblers". I have found the most solid players reside in 2/5, not knowing that they should really be playing in the 5/10 and catching the gamblers. :)

  6. @tutt26 I agree somewhat. I play 1/2 due to my bank roll can only fit at 1/2. For me to play 2/5 where you can make a part/full time living I would need a bigger bankroll of 20 buy-ins. I would love to live up in stakes

    1/2 there are maniacs at the table. They gamble more than play poker and I feel they watch too much edited tv shows and base their play.