How about Steve Wynn, eh?


So Wynn gets their NJ license and then decides online gambling is the devil so he's not going to use it.

Never thought we'd see it but now we have Wynn and Adelson in bed together on this one.

Should there be online gambling? They can't be right are they?


  1. If they want to be short-sighted that's their call. But I will say the poker community isn't going to do anything about it. They're all still going to go where the games are and Wynn and Venetian are good places to play. Poker players aren't really know for their ability to organize for causes.

  2. To not use online gaming as a tool to bring in customers is ridiculous. Of course both of those guys have more money than they know what to do with so it's up to their judgement. The market will speak one way or the other.

  3. Last time someone tried a boycott of Venetian it failed badly. Money will talk and if NJ is successful they'll change their tune fast.

  4. This is a shame. I look at Steve Wynn as the most innovative and visionary entrepreneur in the industry (well, maybe the 2nd most, lol JK). I don't mind that Sheldon is opposed to it, but not good that Steve is allegedly in the same boat. Although I think the media has taken things out of context in a big way.

  5. Not much context to take it in. If Mr. Wynn needs to make a clarification, he'd better do it quickly because he's going to alienate some customers.

  6. We should be free to do what we want in our homes. If it's a bad business decision, that's one thing. But if it's to "protect" us, we're grown-ups. We can handle it.

  7. The key will be creating interstate compacts. Once a ton of people can get on sites together, I'm sure things will go great. But with such a limit, I don't know how it will work.

  8. Heh, check this out. I think the screen shot is floating around Twitter.

  9. What a hack job. Wow. Don't think they needed to flash employee personal info to get the point across though.

  10. Well, don't think this was a poker protest. Apparently they were protesting Adelson's backing of Israel.

    Agree that it should be up to the consumer and the individual to make the decision. If online gambling/poker succeed, they'll come along soon enough. Can't believe Wynn got a license and then bailed out though. That was messed up.