I Miss . .

General Discussion by HB2100 Posted

I miss poker at Planet Hollywood and Excalibur. Hard Rock, Hooters, and even the Strat.

What do YOU miss?


  1. I miss poker at Treasure Island and the Mirage. They were my small, no stress, just for fun games. You cant play all-day tourneys at the Venetian or Wynn every day. Oh well, I still stay at the mirage - but won’t spend a dime there.

  2. Thank you sharing. I never got a chance to play at those places, and I regret that now. The places I mentioned served a similar purpose for me. The funny thing was, I don’t think I ever won at those places I mentioned, except for mayybe cashing in a tournament at Planet Hollywood (if I’m remember correctly). But for me, no more fun places/places that were “Vegas”, than those places.