Is it too early?

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I'm already thinking about my trip to Vegas in 2015. Probably because I didn't get to go this year. Is it too early to be looking for the WSOP schedule? My husband keeps telling me I need to win a satellite to the ME but it's difficult to do that in New York. I'm lucky to be able to play on Carbon Poker and I don't think they're going to have satellites. My Mom and I are trying to decide when to go. Do we go during the start during the Memorial Day holiday or do we go near the 4th of July like we've been doing the last few years? Doubt we'll stay at the Rio again even though it was nice for me to just be able to take the elevator down and get to where I needed to get. It just wasn't worth my Mom not having a good time. We'll probably wind up staying downtown or at a different Caesar's property. Next year can't get here soon enough!


  1. I don't think the WSOP schedule is usually published until January or February, but don't hold me to it. There are more events going on around the 4th than Memorial day, but Memorial day usually has the big WSOP kickoff events like the casino employees and the big 1k or 1500 event. I would recommend sticking with the usual time.

  2. Never too early. I have my plane tickets booked for June 2015 already.

    This year I was there the 1st weekend in June. The place was packed with poker players. At the WSOP the daily deep stacks had the largest turn out of the year. About 50k to the winner of the 3:00 daily.

    Having a car makes staying someplace else easy. I like to drive around in the mornings when the traffic is light.

  3. Never too early! But the schedule wont be released until 2015. But either the beginning or the end of the wsop is what I always tell people. Those are the best times. Hope to see you this (next) year!

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I have been going once a year for last seven years. Cant wait for 2015 but going for 14 nights this time. Went to wsop this june and it was amazing. Played in a couple of $185 side events. Vegas is different everytime. New casino sls so I can add to my chip collection. Ooo and all that good food. Last couple of years stayed at excal its nice and cheap and clean. Cab fare to rio is less than $10. Anyways broke the handle on my vegas mug last week so have to get back .

  5. Not WSOP related but I always book or at very least start checking prices about a year in advance to take advantage of the flight/hotel pricing.

    I go 10-14 days in September and then 10-14 days over the U.S. Thanksgiving week.Hotel prices obviously are great over the THANKSGIVING period.

    I drive from Toronto area to Detroit, overnight in Detroit (with 10 days free parking and airport shuttle). I fly SPIRIT (which I hate but they are about $240 return which is typically much cheaper than Southwest Airlines out of Buffalo)

    I arrive this Friday----WWWHHHHOOOOO HHHOOOOOOO