Legal Raked Poker in Ga. The Ga. Lottery cannot stop poker!

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We now have legal raked poker live CASH poker games in Ga. Right here in Gwinnett county/Buford. Even the Ga. lottery cannot stop poker. You cannot get arrested in this game. Only place to play legally with no worries in Ga. Poker is LEGAL here. No one can stop it.


  1. When did this legalization take place? Ga is a party pooper when it comes to poker

  2. Last year

  3. LVG
    • LVG

    Reality is the DA’s mostly don’t care about raked poker games. We have had them in TX over 50 years and not once has anyone been harassed over poker. The games that did have trouble were from drugs or other activities going on. Now we have hourly time rake poker which is a horrible deal for players but great for the house. It’s not anymore legal than a raked game but the new fish that play those rooms are playing poker as entertainment not as a way to make profit. Most are to dumb to realize they are paying dead money to lose their cash and the dead money would be better off to play on the table. #DumbTexans

    With that being said good luck on your game and no reason to spout its “legal” everywhere because if you have to say “legal” to someone to get them to play poker they don’t have enough sense to read a hand or make enough money to get in the game.