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Would someone please start a protest against encore casino in Ma. How about we boycott them until the poker room is reopened. Also what happened to the money we contributed towards the bad beat jackpots and high hand.


  1. The casino keeps all that dam money. You should know that. I'm not going to any casino until this mask wearing bullshit is over

  2. Like it’s their fault. The state won’t let them open it yet. Go to New Hampshire. Chasers isn’t that far from there.

  3. @jafeather If New Hampshire poker rooms are open why aren’t Mass rooms open. Gaming commission has their you now what up their you now what. And they get paid to make these asinine decisions.

  4. @bad123 Also the permit to open the Encore casino stated that black jack had to pay 3/2. Someone sued because some tables only paid 6/5. The gaming commission said that was ok if the higher limits paid 3/2 but the lower limits could stay at 6/5. Huh?

  5. i read on a blog that the rooms in new hampshire dont require or enforce mask wearing and that only 25-50% of the players are wearing one. @jafeather

  6. @jafeather Correct if they could open they would their liquor licenses are on the line if they open Without following the conditions and in this case a lot of them do not have any conditions in place yet these dates are not catching up with the situation they’re all sitting in meetings while everything is just dwindling away

  7. @gunzo Correct I’m sure there is a bookkeeping procedure for that and when this table to do re-open you just have to be a part of it otherwise it goes to whoever again it’s called gambling no guarantees and gambling good luck

  8. @bad123
    It is up to the state!