PGA home game

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Hey guys looking for a few people to make up the numbers for a home game


  1. I’m looking to play in a hone game

  2. I’m looking for a game

  3. What is the location?

  4. I live on pga and military I do run a game and have a full professional tv table with auto shuffler,cameras and dealer if you like

  5. @Chadism When do you play? Limits?

  6. @Chadism Looking for a no limit home game Here’s my number 415-789-1698 my name is jim

  7. Here’s my number 415- 798-1698

  8. @Andrew3100 I’ve done 1/2 2/5 and 5/10 as well 25/50 but it does get hard running a game because once I get 10 players and schedule the game people always cancel

  9. @BgJim33 thank you I will save it for next game

  10. @Chadism I’m down for a home game 813-550-9557 Rick

  11. I'll play I'm looking for at least a 2-3 game.. willing to play higher no limit only

  12. Looking to play

  13. @Rickymon15 I’m down. Any games available

  14. @boston305 Anyy playing time this week?

  15. @Chadism Any games this week I’m down

  16. I'm in! heres my info 9094407555..

  17. any game this week?