Players who critique your play

General Discussion by Sw2467 Posted

What a bunch of insufferable losers. I took a shot at betting with air on a paired flop (pair was very low) and got called, picked up a flush draw on the turn and fired again but got called, hit the flush on the River and bet big and get called. The condescending opponent starts critiquing my play and when he beat me in a hand later was extremely arrogant and rude and demeaning to me like I’m some kind of moron. Sometimes you hit runner runner on a stone cold Bluff, you’d think I was the one calling these bets rather than being the aggressor from his rant. Players like this ruin the game, it’s just a fun activity, if you have to be condescending and vindictive when someone gets lucky, you need to take a look in the mirror.


  1. I think differently about these players. I like them now because you either can push them around when you have weaker holdings, or they've decided you're never going to beat them again. So then you can pound them with your best value hands

  2. I agree! I love these kinds of players because sometimes a new purposely screwed up like that and suddenly the whole table tries to pick on him. Love it!!!!