The short VERSION:
I’ve never experienced such an unfair process in seating assignment as I have experienced at Resort World POKER ROOM. ALL DUE TO THE STANDING WOMEN FLOOR SUPERVISOR

The details:
There seems to be no organization or true priority when placed on the list of 1/3 and 2/5 no limit holdem.

The women shift supervisor here at Resort World supports rush players that have just walked up to play opposed to the players that they just seated at another game while waiting to play there desired limit.**The biggest factor of this situation you must know, is I’m handicapped and unable to race to a seat.**
As I’m being escorted to a 1/3 table and I note to the floor to keep me on the 2/5 list they had previously tried opening.
So, I take my temporary seat at the 1/3 and immediately get involved in a big pot. Apparently they called a new 2/5 while this was happening. At this time 2 players get up from the 1/3 table I’m at and announce to the dealer they are leaving to play the 2/5. I look up at the list to see if my name was included in this new game. There are 4 names in highlighted in red and YES one of the names are mine. I get up to see if the game is actually going to go as they had failed prior attempts. When I get there the game is full. I ask players if all of them had been on the list. Knowing this was not able to be true because only for names on the list were highlighted. Of coarse the poker players lie and say “yes”. I ask to see the floor supervisor. She comes over leaving her customer service skills at home she tells me they have been calling this game for sometime and I didn’t make the cut. I said you sat me at the 1/3 just 15 minutes ago and to make it worse I had been escorted over so they know where I was located. The women supervisor claimed no responsibility to letting 5 new players that just appeared at the podium, most likely from the tournament running in late levels. These players got priority over a handicap player which is me being I’m unable to rush through a loaded room for a seat. There were many solutions to this to result in a blind eye from my views. However I must make it clear this woman supervisor has no place in a room she can not reprimand unruly players, being this is LAS VEGAS. At a establishment like Resort World floor SURVISOR position I would expect the 101 of educate to be judged on the hiring interview. Well let me tell you it was extremely overlooked. I wanted to close my eyes but being handicap you eventually get tired of being on the shit end of the stick. I hope drama this will prepare others for staying on there toes at Resort World when going to enjoy a session of poker.


  1. You should have paid attention. I’m sure if you would have responded timely you would have been provided a seat. So you play 1/3 until the next seat opens at 2/5 like you were planning to anyway. This time pay attention. Lastly, the fact that she’s a “woman supervisor “ has no factor in this situation. Any supervisor (male or female) would likely tell you the same given those circumstances.