Register for WSOP SNGs at Main Cage?

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Anyone know if you can register for SNGs at the Rio main cashier cage? Or do you need to go to the SNG section registration only?


  1. Pretty sure you have to register at the podium in front of the satellite area. It's been that way for the past few years for sure. That's the best/quickest way for them to fill games as soon as a table is free. It's very fluid, so you have to just get to/ stay by the podium. Good luck!!!

  2. Walked through the WSOP area last night. They have a cage in the satellite area, just like last year. So, that should be the go to place. Just go up to the podium and when they get a full table, they'll send you in.

  3. You need to go to the satellite registration cage area inside the Pavilion room after you pick up a card for the satellite size/game you want at the STS check in podium on your left just as you walk in the room from the rotunda - right next to the big PokerAtlas sign.

  4. @viking Here's a link to the list from the Player's Guide
    They are single table "satellites" for WSOP lammers, buyins range from $125 up to $1,030 on ones that run regularly.