Royal Flush Club - Duluth, GA

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Anyone knows anything about this place?


  1. Showed up yesterday when Google said they were open! One car out front and the doors locked! Seems to be a word of mouth thing

  2. @gimpsquirrel was open a month ago when I went. Haven’t been back since. Not sure if they shut down or not.

  3. @deskdood apparently they are working out some licensing debacles

  4. @gimpsquirrel looks like they’re back open now. 12pm-6am

  5. Papatom. Any update on this room

  6. @papatom yes room is open full time now

  7. It's open. When I got there receptionist told me they're a "Raffle supporting youth soccer." Works just like its predecessor The Poker Room and LKQ. Pay $10 to get in then $20/hour to rent seat ($10 before 4:00 pm). Only played there a short time. All competent dealers, never had to involve "floor." Apparently served both food and drink although I wasn't there long enough to get any. Had 3 table going, 1-3, 2-5 and 2-5 PLO. I guess a good option for those who don't want to drive the 2 1/2 more hours to Cherokee and willing to take the risk that they happen to be playing there when someone in authority takes exception to their self identification as a raffle.

    PLO8 tournaments every Monday 6pm $150
    Very good food. Good dealers.

  9. @B25364 So if they're legit why not on Poker Atlas or Bravo? And why not have a legit website that makes it clear they have poker?

  10. Hey GaYank, you’re right, they should get on poker atlas and I spoke with them about it. The reason is that they have been doing fine with the cash games for the past year without any advertising, but now they are starting tournaments and they should use this site to inform everyone.

    PLO8 every Monday 6pm $150

    2275 Pleasant Hill Rd
    Duluth, GA 30096

  11. @B25364 Thanks -- any idea what time cash games actually get going on weekdays?

  12. @Georgiayank
    Games get going right away.

  13. @Georgiayank
    Right away. They open at noon ready to go.
    All good dealers from LKQ.
    Good food.
    There will be a full slate of tournaments.
    Good management.