Suggestion for New Poker Tour

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There's so many poker tours these days, and that's great.

In addition to all the big ones, there are regional tours and of course tours for specific groups--several ladies tours and now there's a Senior tour.

The Senior Tour got me about a Junior poker tour?

In addition to all players being 25 years old or younger, there would be a dress code. All players must wear a hoodie, sunglasses and ear buds (or ear phones) at all times.

What do you think?


  1. They'd probably rebel and come to the table in a collared shirt and tie and actually TALK to each other.

  2. How about a Porn Star Wanna Be Poker Tour where if they lose a hand they have to....ah, never mind...

  3. Is it mandatory they complain about how they don't get on tv and they're way better than the guys that do?

  4. Rob
    • Rob

    @BigTommy I'm thinking yes. One orbit penalty every time you go 10 minutes without making such a complaint.

  5. Love this idea! I am guessing every event is a $100,000 buy-in, and none of the players are playing on their own dime? Come to think of it, they're probably all using the same staker.

  6. How about the "Electro-Shock Tour"? Take more than 60 seconds on a decision and you get a few volts in the tookas!

  7. I think you should flip it. Under-30 players has to wear a collared shirt and tie and must attempt to start a conversation at least 3 times a blind level. Everyone else is in the hoodies, glasses and headphones and ignores them the whole time. The kids would flip out!

  8. How about a doubles tournament tour where a young player is teamed with a veteran and watch the sparks fly?