Terrible Management

General Discussion by marcelobahia about Parq Vancouver Posted

Hi all,

First I’d like to say that I have played poker in many countries around the world, including a few time in the WSOP ( never the main event, sad! )

So this Saturday, April 1st 2023 I went to play a tournament at Parq Vancouver, it was $180 + 20 + 5…

Cool, so I got to the table, dealers were nice, so far no complaints… first mistake happened on the second level after an all-in/call situation where one of the guys mucked the cards… I asked the cards to be revealed and not only they were but I saw some players getting kindda mad with my request.
I mean, there is a reason why in tournaments all in calls have to have a show down, I explained that ( anti-collusion) but still no… no cards revealed.

So after a few orbits, two guys, a good reg and a completely obnoxious one played a 3-bet pot where the obnoxious one shoved 4x pot at the flop. The good reg was in pain while folding queens… so they begin into discussing about the hand, an open discussion with all the table. The bad guy said he made a good fold… and if he had AK he would still have a chance…
Well, I am all about information… so I asked him: so you’re saying you had kings? ( kinda obvious is AK would have a chance - we rule out Aces, and if it’s a good fold it would only could mean Kk’s ) and I asked that because I had a king, so that would make reduce his KK’s combos drastically.
He looked at me and said:
“you must be an idiot if you think he folded queens”
I calmly looked at him and asked not to be called an idiot. He said: yeah yeah, I apologize.
Well, I don’t have to accept his apologies as I never saw the guy before so I said that it was ok but I wasn’t going to accept his apologies, so he said: than “@#$% you…”

So when that happened, I called the floor. A lady came there, I explained I wanted to speak with the floor. She said she was the supervisor… I explained the situation while the guy kept talking on the background. She said to him not to keep arguing and was leaving. And I asked her for some kind of punishment… an this moment she asked me to be quiet. I kept arguing and trying to explain that nowhere I have ever played that kind of behavior was acceptable. Than one of the guys buddies stood up and said: “dude, you need to shut the @#$% up” - in front of the “floor/supervisor”. I asked if he was serious and he said that I was starting to @#$% him of.
Another guy sitting beside the obnoxious villan said he received a 3 months penalty before for the same kind of behavior… in this case nothing happened.
I kept playing the tournament and later on the I overheard the guy that stood up before talking about me… another player came to me and said : I can’t believe this is still going on. Anyways… before I leave I spoke with the manager, explained everything and they said that at parq “it is allowed to curse somebody once, and just receive a warning”.
That being said, I’ll take my business elsewhere.


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