The weaponized effects of EMF and rigged Card houses. The results of loopholes and not truly regulated establishments of wealth.

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How conscious are you of EMF frequencies? Ever wondered why on cell phone pamphlets that it’s not scientifically proven to cause cancer. Because it’s a double edged sword and it’s for a reason.
Have you ever wondered how weaponized of even at all they could actually become? Ask T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T employees in both cities what they think and they’ve seen.
Here’s a taste of what I’ve experienced just recently, a galaxy 24 from claims that my gut feeling was curling within 3 feet of its perimeter. That’s just the EMF remember that.

I’ve been blessed to see that truth in a real life experience over a 2 week period first hand for those of us that are obviously to the underworld because the powers that be made a choice for the community and what’s actually best.

Rounders in San Antonio and The lodge card Club are managed by honestly the lowest level of trash of people I’ve ever met, speaking professionally too. I’ve met with both GM’s personally and they want to act out I Public and cause scenes when they had the choice to just be conscious and do what’s right.
Which that’s most important, I can’t go through the ins and outs of specifically how and why each frequency does what it does, but I’ll explain just two examples how that effects Texas Card houses cash games/Tournaments and is ultimately rigged. EMF isn’t normally a concious thing most people
Think about when these little bumps of wave intensity or switch of frequencies occur. I’ve felt the difference sitting in the chairs they have and also I’ve also seen a pull out within the tables for some hidden compartment.
The one I’m most familiar with is the destabilization of the energetic core of the solar plexus chakra. Typically anxiety all through out the gut, shaky hands or just non-fluent body functionality.

Another one is the mental shock, it allowed me to have a a normal attention span of let’s just say 7 seconds on average each, but it’ll shut down the natural nervous system and it goes from 7 secs to basically blank depending on the type of weaponized intentions.

Why would this matter.
They maintain the BB/SB at certain positions for numerous hands in a row.
Very good for not allowing you to see final hands and the pot to be scooped by someone that actually lost. Then theirs also a hidden strategy I’m
Not speaking publicly on, but certain players know what cards specific players who aren’t involved have to help maintain the wins go to one of the dedicated cleaners.

Why would they do that, ask the question why Texas shut down its border and Greg Abbott made a smart move and started operation lone star. 17,000+ arrests later says everything.
Why do I know this is important, I think it’s personally arrogant to speak on it but an attempt on my life was made and made the call to go to the Texas Rangers seeking their Ranger Reconnaissance team for assistance. Then the respect of the DEA after establishing how important gun safety is to me and what happened I happened.

Take it for what you want fam, but the truth is well recieved.


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  4. Have you ever considered anti-psychotic medication?

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