General Discussion by anubis1 about Wynn Casino Posted

[played the WYNN poker room around mid June 2014. Been to LV a few times since then but completely forgot this incident. The Encore is my wife's favorite hotel in V. So when she goes with me that's where we stay. I found myself in a very strange place in the WYNN room. I've played there many times in the past and have had no problems This visit presented 1 problem, a big one, and one observation.. The problem is there were more than a few sharks in the room looking for donkeys. I must have qualified. They are so brazen you need not be very sharp eyed. There were 2 guys at the table who struck me as "suspicious". So I changed tables. 5 minutes later one of them switches to my table and the 2nd is roaming around looking for a seat at my table. I just kept changing tables and eventually walked over to Venetian. At one of the tables,still at WYNN, there was a little "club". 3 or 4 people having a jolly old time discussing shit. One of them gets up and is replaced by his girlfriend who just sits there. The inane conversation goes on. This was a $2-5 no limit game. Far too many distractions and nonsense. Wonder where casino management was. Not a very professionally run place. Last, and just informational, there were 5 or 6 very good foreign players there. Nothing wrong with that. I just thought I was not in that league. I have not been back nor will I go back to the WYNN. I have enough trouble staying afloat when the odds are even.


  1. i've played thousands of hours in the wynn, and had nothing but positive experiences.

  2. @zzyzx Good for you. How does that in any way have anything to do with my experience???

  3. Like Mike McDermott said, "if you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker". Not trying to be mean but you must have given them a vibe that you were fresh meat. Game selection is part of the game and it sounds like they think they had an edge on you. I've only played at Wynn once in ally visits there. I think it is a classy place and I imagine there must be some pros working the crowd there.