worst place ever

General Discussion by JohnYu about 101 Poker Club Richmond Posted

i have been trying to call them at (713) 434-6161, which is their number to call on their website. unfortunately, no one answered and I'd recommend you to never come to this place ever. horrible service and staff is not able to pay you once you hit a promotional jackpot. i have waited for days to get a call back on the jackpot I hit earlier on the table. guess what, they have no one on duty to pay you!!!!!!!!! and many hours after that still no one reaches out to me about the payout for the jackpot!!!!!!!!!! this is just a quick example why you need to stay away from this poker room as they have no intention to pay you for the promotion they were advertising for. if you can, go somewhere else and stay away from this place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i will come back offen and hope this sticks to the top.
    bad floor management and bad service overall

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    @JohnYu what room? Hard to not go if we don’t know the name of the place?

  3. Have you tried going into the room and talking to the managers?