WSOP Ladies Event - will buy-in be $10K for men this year too?

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Brilliant idea WSOP came up with last year to get around the legality of not being able to directly disallow men from entering the "Ladies Only" event. Women could buy-in for same as always, $1K, men however, had to buy-in for $10K to play. And I'm pretty sure not one male entered last year. I'm personally hoping WSOP will employ this same strategy this year. Being that poker is 90% dominated by men, I say let us girls have one event that's all our own! And what guy really wants to enter the ladies event anyway.


  1. Yeah, they aren't changing that because they finally figured out how to legally keep the guys out. No one was dumb enough to blow 10k for a 1k buy-in last year and they won't this year. It's a bad buy.

  2. I kinda miss having a few guys in there to target and crush.

  3. I'll give you ladies some advice....if you play the WSOP ladies event and there's a man at your table that paid $10k to enter, MARRY HIM!! If he has that much money to burn,......

  4. If a guy pays 10k to try to beat a bunch of women in a 1k tournament, he must have some mental issues.

  5. i don't know... poker is entirely mental so its always seemed a little patronizing to me that there are ladies only events.

  6. @jjwr247
    There are seniors only tournaments, too.

  7. hme
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    Racking my brains to imagine an anti-discrimination law that would allow charging 10x but not denial. 🤷