WTF is Phil Ivey Thinking

General Discussion by GameChanger Posted

I just came across this article that says Phil Ivey is one of the guys that is trying to bail out the guy from Maccau who has now gotten busted twice in multi-million dollar illegal sports betting operations. Why would he associate himself with this guy? He's already under so much scrutiny on his other cheating accusations. This can't end well!!


  1. Yea I guess that makes sense. So this guy probably has every high stakes player by the 'nuts'.

  2. Perhaps he's indebted to these guys. Ivey being associated with some high stakes, even illegal, sports betting isn't that much of a stretch.

  3. seems like these guys are all shady and all tied in to illegal shiznit or else they wouldn't be bailing him out

  4. Birds of a feather . . .

  5. koo koo

  6. you are who you hang around,i have lost a lot of respect for phil, but of course i know he doesnt give darn.......