1/3 and 5/5 NLH Deep Stacked Cash Game NY

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Pistols at Dawn Poker Club, (NY) with over 60+ regular members. Cash Games run every Friday and Saturday, with Casino Shufflers, USB-Ports in every seat, amazing staff and Veteran dealers. Come by and enjoy a nightout with other competitive poker enthusiasts! We accept all forms of payment and offer A1 hospitality, and require screening to all looking to play. Security on site and safety always guaranteed when entering and leaving! What are you waiting for? Contact me to get more information


  1. Text me @ 2016472197

  2. Where in NY is this? I am from NY but I’m in Vegas right now I been here for a month for the wsop I’ll be home after the main event

  3. @NeverTooLate85 Good luck in the main event! Hope you crush it! The game is East Elmhurst, Fridays are 1/3 and Saturdays 5/5 No Limit Holdem

  4. @NeverTooLate85 Text me at my number for faster replies brother