6 PM Deepstack Daily at the Rio

Question by Swager Posted

I have experienced the 3 PM Daily Deepstack event with 1,200 players and the 10 PM Daily with just under 200 players. Does anyone have an idea as to the average number or runners for the 6 PM at the Rio?


  1. well it depends two weeks ago with no 3pm because of the senior's tournament it was 1700 but I would guess much less now

  2. @mark nice link and it was 1500 I played in and I saw my name wheeeeeeeeeeee looks like not quite 1k for 6pm and only 200 for the 6 of course it was a Monday I played on a Saturday but even the cash games on Bravo are looking lighter

  3. Thanks for the feedback ingermort and mark. The link is great.

  4. Looks like the number of runners are going down for the 3 pm tourney. Hopefully the number spikes back up around the first week of july during the start of the main event. So I can take a crack at the 30-40k first place prize money.

  5. @Noob15 Its looks like it is still almost 30k up top with only half the runners of when I played and it was just a little over 50k ,I will also be back july 8- 11 good luck

  6. @ingermort b