Advice on Upcoming Vegas Poker Tournament

Question by Wes88 Posted

So it turns out I'll be in town the week before the Poker Atlas Meet Up and Tournament (sad), but it also happens to be the beginning of the WPT Diamond World Poker Classic at Bellagio (happy). Event #2 is on Saturday, and while it only seems to be a marginally better structure (10,000 is starting chips and 40 minute levels) than the Aria daily, it is a buy-in within my bankroll $560 and should have a bigger prize pool than what I am used to playing for. Also, we're staying at the Bellagio, it's part of a WPT series (which I admit has a coolness factor for an amateur like myself), and it is the only event in the series with less than $1000 buy in. All in all, I feel like I am fated to play it.

My question is what should I expect in terms of the field and feel of the tournament? What's the lineup likely to be? Local pros? Do name guys I may have heard of (or should have heard of) play in these small time events?

It was very cool playing at the same table as Chris Moneymaker at one of the PH Daily Deepstacks this past summer during WSOP season and I am wondering who I might get to rub elbows with. Also is it likely to feel super aggro? Will it be more like the daily deepstacks that I played this past summer with competent, serious players who have a range or styles, and some total donks mixed in for added flavor?

Thanks for helping me get ready for this. Hopefully I'll have a nice deep run and a happy trip report will will follow in mid December.


  1. First off, I agree that you should definitely play this. Too bad you won't be here for the PokerAtlas tourney at Aria though! I think you will probably see a few named pros in this field...not necessarily guys like Antonio or Hellmuth, but definitely guys like Jonathan Little if you know who he is. The field will probably be pretty tough overall, with 3-4 weaker players at every table....that is my guess. So it's any man's (or woman's) event to win. Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

  2. Thanks for the information Jon. I am looking forward to it.