Best Poker Rooms Down Town Vegas?

Question by PDXallPink Posted

I'm going to be staying in downtown Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. What are the best poker rooms in downtown Vegas? 1/2 NL Holdem with less than $100 buyins? Best cheap poker tournaments in downtown vegas? Thanks!


  1. Binion's for sure! They have a daily 10am & 8pm $60 buy-in tournament that gets about 30 players on average and 1st place is $500 guaranteed. For cash, they have a $100 min buy-in 1/3 no limit game that always runs.

  2. @Jamie I remember Binions' $1/$2NL used to be a no-max-buy with 5% rake (I think up to $3). That was a great game. People would sit with $10k+ in cash in front of a $1/$2! I hope the $1/$3 is still like that...

  3. My vote is the Golden Nugget! Or if you are new to poker then those digital tables at Plaza are pretty cool if they still have them

  4. i like both the nugget and binions. binions is more liberal with comps like meals and such,in my experience. i like the nuggets poker room better as far as the seats and the bonuses 4 quads and the like. both r winners ,imo.

  5. The Golden Nugget has a really fun $1/$2 No-Limit Holdem game that runs all the time and is unique as only this game and the $1/$3 NLHE game across the street at Binions as they do not have maximum buy-ins. Every now and then I've seen crazy big $1/$2 games at the Golden Nugget. The Plaza has a $1/$2 game (and even lower limit NLHE games) but they don't always run so make sure to call the room first. I believe all three of these games have $100 minimum buy-ins.

  6. If you are a night owl (like me!) the Golden Nugget has a great tournament that starts very morning at 1:00am! It's a $65 buy-in and is unique because only this tournament, a midnight $70 buy-in at the Rio and a $50 buy-in at the Flamingo are the only daily running tournaments that start at midnight or later.

  7. And by The way whats The chip Nice acomodation to Stay for 2 weks in Vegas and play Poker low limits?! Ty

  8. I much prefer Binions vs the Nugget