Best room near Frisco, TX

Question by Jason38w Posted

I'm going down for the Bears/Cowboy game and will have time to relax and play some cards on Fri/Sat. Do I hit one of the "clubs" or head up to Oklahoma?Would prefer to not do the hour+ drive to OK sooo...

Looking for which room is the best for a laid back session with good table talk and people having fun not playing for a living and to pay the mortgage/rent. But also not a bunch of idiots calling down any 2. Basically a room where the majority of the players will be like me. I'll call myself a competent rec player, play 2+ nights per week, track play, make a small profit... not by any means a job though, I play to get away from the pressure of my job, be challenged to be good at something besides work, and have some fun bs'ing about sports or whatever.

Wordy I know, but hopefully gives those out there enough info to make a recommendation.

Thanks, Jason!


  1. Hideaway in Carrollton! Very cool, laid back, hole in the wall place with very few beginners. Lots of regulars.

  2. @Gotmango Texas card house !!!!!

  3. @llovepg13
    Texas card house , action is tops . The place ihas the best staff !! Rand like a porker room should be run .. Action out of this world !!!

  4. Texas Card House is my go to.

  5. Poker housedallas texas