Best Vegas Poker Tournament For A Beginner

Question by Mets1986 Posted

Anyone have any advice for a beginner here in Vegas?

I have never played in an organized tournament and here for a few days...



  1. for low price, the Quad at $30,, or Treasure Island at $50 ( that one is a rebuy ). Flamingo is a $60 tourney. I think Mirage has $65 tourney at 7pm. Planet Holloywood is $60-70 or so.
    If money isnt a huge issue, then the best tourneys are either at the Aria, $125, or Venetian, also $125. Both are deep stack, Aria has 30 min levels, you get 10,000 chips. Not sure if Venetian is running the 10k chip stak or 12 K chip stak right now.

    There really isnt a " beginner " tourney, just lower cost ones. You will run into some of the exact same type of players in any buy in level, just maybe a few better players in the bigger ones. The advantage of the deep stack tourneys, while costing more, is you can play a simpler style of poker, you hit you bet, good cards you bet, crap you fold, etc, and have some time to play. The lower cost tourneys, some of them have 15 min levels, and if you dont get doubled up or some cards real quick, well, the blinds hit 400-800/ 500-1000 realllllly quick.

    I rather spend more money, have more time to hopefully either get some cards, or rebound from a bad beat, than get knocked out in the first round by some idiot who thinks 8-5 suited is an actual hand, calls a huge re re raise, and suks out.. lol...
    good luck...

  2. @DPTAZZZ Thanks for the quick reply.

    Gonna try and hit up the Mirage.


  3. I agree with DPTAZZZ and would also add the Orleans Friday night $125 tournament. They get a lot of pretty bad players so it's good value and even a beginner can do pretty well if the buyin isn't too high.

  4. If you are mobile, I can recommend Club Fortune (Henderson), which runs a "Daily Deuce" tournament at 2:00 PM (thus, the name). The buy-in is just $30, with an optional add-on at $10. With 15 minute levels, the tournament is fairly fast, usually completing by 4 or 4:30. This tournament draws about 18 - 24 entries. Staff is very friendly and congenial, and many of the players (primarily local) are sociable.

    There are tournaments, as well, on Monday and Wednesday evenings (7:00), with buy-ins at $45 and $65, respectively. The Monday night tournament includes a few bounty bonuses, and the one on Wednesday nights is a deeper stack tourney, with 20 minute blind levels.

    As Club Fortune is only a 15 - 20 minute drive from The Strip, it is worth the trip to get in on tournaments that are comfortable for beginners.

  5. Planet Hollywood runs a $20 rebuy tournament Tues-Thurs, which can get anywhere from 3-6 tables. Structure is awful, but it is a fun tourney, and not designed to last a long time. Another decent one is the $40 at Monte Carlo, either afternoon or early evening. ... Even though people like them, I refuse to play at Aria and Venetian for different reasons - Aria for stupid house rules, Venetian because of Sheldon Adelson.

  6. Agree with DPTAZZZ. Nowhere to hide in Las Vegas. If you want to dip the toe in for a warm-up, check out the Nevada Poker League for freeroll bar tourneys. I kinda like the tourney at the Strat. Decent play level, cost and structure. Otherwise, I'd spend the money and go Aria or Venetian. More players so more payout spots but some good players there too.

  7. Thanks for the help PA community!!!

  8. I didn't see anyone mention the online sites like WSOP, where you can probably use a sign up bonus to take a free shot at playing, or just deposit like $20 or whatever. You won't get the live experience of playing with other people, but you can play real money tournaments for like $1 and learn the game. That's how I originally learned

  9. @GameChanger Since he said he was in town for a few days, my guess is he was referring to live poker.