Cherokee North Carolina Tonight , any body going?

Question by LuvRenee Posted

I have never played a casino tournament , and I was wandering if any one has played at Harris N.C. / They are having a $30 buy in , I figured that would be my best bet , but I've never played. How many people usually show up? Also,how do you enter?Do I need to call early?


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  2. @nickbasile
    I was just surfing around saw your question. Bored just getting out of Covid jail.
    I can’t answer your question but thought I would give you some advice. Do not tell anyone this is your first time at a Casino. You might as well paint a target on your face. The less you talk at the table the better for you. Say nothing and listen. You can be courteous but zero zero zero poker talk. Good luck.

  3. @jamiejacobus

    Great Advise