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In $1-$2 No Limit Hold Em, Heads Up on the River, I put in a $1 dollar chip and said "All in". The dealer said my action came before my vocalization, and therefore I made a minimum bet of $2. I understand my mistake, but my intent was clear and it was clear there was no intent to mislead the other player. Also, I thought my $1 chip only made sense as a bet to represent an "all in" bet.
Rulings and Opinions please. Thanks!


  1. Gotta go with the dealer here. Any actions done before you make an announcement supersedes what you say. Just like if the villian bets $50 and you throw out a single black $100 chip without declaring a raise, your action just represents a call.

  2. "action came before [your] vocalization." Unfortunately for you, the story should stop right there. If that's what the dealer heard, your intent doesn't matter. If that sorta thing gets let go, you're in for all sorts of angle shooting. A

  3. Thanks you all. “But”, it was an incorrect low $1 chip. I finally read the WSOP rules:
    “If there is an error that results in a wager or call being placed in an amount than(t) is LOWER than what is required, this must be corrected before the end of the betting round is complete.”
    Perhaps my vocalization of “all in” corrected my erroneous bet of $1. If I had said nothing, should the dealer automatically have made my bet $2, OR should he have asked me what the heck was I doing? I then would have said “all in” and the result would have been the same.
    As my youngest daughter regularly tells me:
    I now will “let this go”! Thanks again.

  4. It’s unanimous. I was wrong.