Eating at the table?

Question by DanMcArdle about Commerce Casino Posted

How do you guys feel about eating at the table? I don't like breaking up my session to grab food, so I tend to look for casinos that allow it (and which provide the table-side carts).

But I've heard people complain about it too, arguing that it's messy or that people get distracted and slow the game down. I've definitely seen it slow the game down at Commerce, but the food's really good there! ;)


  1. it does slow the game down and is messy but 4 the most part it is part of the game any more. personally ,i do eat at the table but i get something that i have to use a utensil to eat like soup,salad,etc,etc. bcuz chips and money r so disgusting. lol. i just hate playing at the table were the dude gets buffalo wings or something messy and is licking his fingers then touching cards,chips,etc.

  2. Rob
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    I'd prefer not to eat at the table. But sometimes....I do. At the Bike at the level I play, they will bring me free food but only if I'm playing. How can I pass that up?

    But in Vegas, even tho I can eat at the table, and they'll bring me the food, there's no discount eating that way so I'd rather take a break and eat away from the table and relax a bit.

  3. @Rob Ah, that's right... It's been a few years since I've played in LA; the comped food was great! 3hrs at $2/$3NL (at the Bike) gets you a meal, if I recall correctly...

  4. Rob
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    @DanMcArdle Actually, if you're playing at the $2/$3 (or higher) on what they call "The Plaza", no hours are required. You just have to be playing in a game. They will bring you all the food you want.

  5. @Rob Aw, man. That's sweet. I gotta play in LA again... Thanks for the info!

  6. I don't have a problem with when people eat at the table except when they spill shit on the table or cards and stop the game while we all wait for a setup. My issue is touching food after touching chips. Do you know how dirty those things must be?

    I just posted a question about cell phones. Trying to understand the purpose of phone rules. Do you know?

  7. I often eat at the table (rarely if ever do I eat a sandwich/burger- always opt for salad, rice, etc.) Pretty much as someone earlier said, always something with utensils and not my hands. So I don't have a problem with people eating at the table.
    But god help you if you sit down and start eating buffalo wings. I might blow a gasket!

  8. I agree with these guys. NO fries!

  9. Commerce food is ok, I just don't think that the price you pay for it is worth it. Eating at the table never bothered me, i've done it and seen others done it. No need to beat a dead horse about the utensils so i wont.