floor promotion-dealer negligence.

Question by Hempire420 Posted

If the floor is running a promotion and the player qualifies, should the dealer hold the responsibility of acknowledging that the player has won? If the dealer is negligent in recognizing the win and moves onto the next hand then player points the lack of recognition out to the floor ? What do you think the floor or the dealer should do? Is it not wrong for the dealer to reply too bad and too late once the error is pointed out? Where is the remedy for the player. Dealers if you are reading this, please recognize that the negligence and careless attitude affects the way the player decides to acknowledge the dealer and tips et Al.

I witnessed this twice working one hour at my table the first time I pointed it out the floor manager acknowledged it. The second time I was the person who met the criteria and the dealer and floor told me that I would not be considered. Is this the standard that a player can expect?...a social club should train staff on etiquette as well-BTW the player in my case was James !