Future of Georgia Poker

Question by davidyancey about Harrah's Cherokee Posted

What does the future of Georgia poker look like?

Little Kings and Queens held the Georgia poker scene in its hand for the past few years, and now with it gone-will there ever be anymore poker in GA? Did LKQ follow laws? Is it possible for another non-profit to start a poker room?

Will Cherokee be the only option for the foreseeable future?


  1. Gambling is a sin and doesn't belong in a red state like Georgia...or North Carolina...or Florida...or Mississippi...or Louisiana...or Oklahoma...or Iowa...or Texas...or Kentucky...or Missouri...or South Dakota...or Arizona...or Wisconsin.

  2. @StevieD54 StevieD54, I suggest you stay in sin city and never come to any of the states you mentioned. Peace.

  3. @Kane88 Just a light-hearted comment on what hypocrites Republicans are.

  4. Oh please. Everyone is a hypocrite at one time or another. Besides, not all Republicans are Christians, and not all Christians are Republicans. And only a small portion of the population plays poker anyway.

  5. @davidyancey, you can try one of the local bar leagues, like Interstate, Any2cards, Atlanta Poker Club, FullHouseHoldem.

  6. I don't think you realize how laughable you were in proving my point...but thanks.@docman52