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I have played this before in tounamens but forget what each game is to it's letter and how the game rotates from each game does the game change after each blind


  1. @zzjitterzz got it thank you but dont remember want razz is

  2. @Paul1959 - Razz is a lowball stud game. Best hand is the wheel A-2-3-4-5.

  3. @Dap Poker ok thank you cause I normly just play hold em played stud in younger days but the next time I see a horse tournament I may play now I know the format and order of games cause it's a stradgy to change mindset for each game i like that still not sure that it will give me the same odds as plain hold em cause I to play the other games more to match my hold em game

  4. @zzjitterzz

    I play the HORSE tournaments at Thunder Valley. There at least, they change games every eight hands (HORSE is played 8 handed due to the stud games). That means every player usually plays at least one round in each game, but it also means that different tables are playing different games at the same time depending on how fast they play. Occasionally you could be moved from one table to another and even miss one game entirely. It's happened to me where I just started playing regular stud and was transfered to a table that was already back to hold em. I never did get to play stud hilo in th at one.