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Question by ammo2349 Posted

looking for a clean place to stay,will be here for 5 days but not in the room much, but want to be close to the strip


  1. For affordability and location on the strip, best bets are TI and Flamingo. Quad is cheaper still, but rooms are still old and kinda gross. Be sure give the desk person a $20 sandwich when you check in to get an upgraded room!

  2. @VegasMikey Hey..mike...I wanted to ask....when looking for a room $20 even enough now a days..?.... I already booked a room and wanted a smoking room upgrade..and it is really expensive to normaly pay for that specific a on strip property would even $40-50..typically get me may upgrade...?

  3. 20 seems to be the standard to get a decent upgrade. I've gone from lower floors with parking lot views to higher floors, strip views, corner rooms and once a suite (though it was an older one at Flamingo). Not sure the logistics of a smoking room, but I can't see that being an issue, or requiring a bigger tip. Good luck!