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What is a good place to go in Houston for week day and weekend day games with full tables. Been to a few spots lately and have to sit around for a few hours to get something going. Any help is appreciated. stay safe and have fun!


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    What part of town are you in? You looking for plo or Nl? Most rooms have something going by noon or 2-3pm at the latest unless they are opening in the evening. I’d never wait 2-3 hours for a game to get going.

  2. @LVG NL, looking for good action from 11-6

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    @WillH look on the app here prob 8 spots with day games. On Northside I’d go to Texas Card House at 2pm when they open across town I go to 52 Social where they always have few tables going. 52 is my first choice, card house is ok during the day but gets very expensive at night if you play more than hour or two. Beers are $6 Mixed drinks are $10 on top of $13 hourly plus $10 to get in. You need to buy in $500 and win few pots first hour to play catch up from walking in door and sitting down.

  4. @LVG thanks

  5. @WillH Lions poker palace on Richmond has best hourly rate in town. They always have a few tables going during the daytime, at least when I have been there.

  6. If you're on the southeast side of Houston, Soho poker has a solid morning table that starts at noon, first 10 people to start pays 5$ for time from 12-1, and everyone that makes through the door before 1, pays a $6/hourly for the rest of the day + your daily entry fee of $10

    New members get a free hour(2x30 min chips) of play with their $10 application fee.