I may have asked this last year but????

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does anyone know how many people they usually get in the grand tournments at golden nugget I am not talking about the big one I am talking about the smaller one like $300 I am considering playing when I am there in 2 weeks but do not want to venture downtown if it is not worth my time?


  1. Bluff Magazine has a list of results for the 2015 Grand Poker Series. The # of entrants is listed at the top of the results page for each individual tournament, although it looks like they are about a week behind entering the results. Here's the main link:

    Event 3 got 274 and had a small overlay
    Event 6 got 663 and had a prize pool of $198,000

    Both of those are $350 buyin with a $100,000 guarantee

    Event 14 a $240 NL 6-handed tourney got 141.