I know this is a pretty general question, but here's why I ask.

I took a 3-year break from playing when the pandemic started. I've been slowly playing more the past 6 months and checking out the local rooms in the Bay Area. One room where I used to play a lot is busy, and in fact has huge waits on Saturdays. But they also only have a few NL tables and killed their Omaha/8 game which was popular. Checked out another favorite hangout and they shrunk from 9 tables to 3. A third place, which I thought was the best place in town has a bunch of really negative reviews on here, saying the room has been run into the ground. If you can't find a good poker room in (Northern) California and things aren't coming back as we enter 2024, that feels like a problem for the game.


  1. I don't know about the Bay area, but in MA/NH, poker is doing well for cash. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in CT are running tournaments, but neither is back to pre covid status. Encore Boston harbor is running tournaments, but they mostly focus on cash, and on weekends, the tables are packed with wait lists for 1/3 up to 80 people.

  2. it's doing well here in South Fla too....