Is the MGM Poker room raising the jackpot drop for the new freeroll?

Question by Steve007 Posted

The MGM is running a new freeroll and on another forum I read this post:

"Re: Karina's Korner-MGM Grand Poker Room
to pay for the freerolls and drawings MGM is now taking $2 jackpot drop.
a $20 pot is now raked at $4 ($2 house + $2 jackpot). as far as i know, MGM
comps are still a paltry $1.

mgm has changed its promo strategy so many times, it's hard to tell how long they wil be
running the freeroll."


  1. Okay, well at $1 it's not so bad. Personally I don't like freerolls that much because from my (admittedly limited) experiences they tend to make games worse.

    But from managements perspective they could make more sense because they do get regulars into the room, and those regulars might play longer than usual to get their hours in. And of course some of those regulars will like the freeroll.

    I reacted harshly to the idea of a $2 drop partly because if I played 15 hours in a week, I could pay enough extra dollars in those 15 hours that it's like paying a small entry fee into the tournament (which wouldn't really make it a freeroll).

    But with a $1 drop and the room still doing the giveaways, I wouldn't feel that way.