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Does anybody play at the Kickapoo Casino in Eagle Pass, Texas regularly ?
Or been there before?


  1. I was there a loooooooong time ago, but that was literally around 1995, so I don't think I can help, lol. What are you trying to find out?

  2. @JonFriedberg I will be taking my first trip up there in a couple of weeks... I just wanted to know how the game was compared to other casinos. I read on their official page that 2/5 NL is their minimum NL table.. I called the poker room a few days ago and they said they run 1-2NL daily and that 1/2 is actually the most popular... I just wanted some info on what to expect out there.
    Thanks for the reply.

  3. @abercheese70 Well good luck out there. Wish I had better info to share, but my advice would be to do exactly what you did. After you go, please write a review and/or trip report and let us know how it was!

  4. @JonFriedberg Thanks, and I will.

  5. @abercheese70 It is not a 1/2NL game. It is a spread limit game. 5-500. max bet is 500 and it is capped at 3 bets per round.

    @abercheese70 are you from El Paso?

  6. @rollingstone I played there last Friday and Saturday. Their most popular games are 1-2 NL (300 max) and 3-6 Limit. Only games available actually, 8 full tables. (One 2/5 NL on Saturday). Locals said a 5-10NL does happen on Saturdays usually.

    I am not from El Paso.

  7. I've played here -- back in October, 2013. I flew from Boston to Houston and then drove the 5.5 hours. Since it's the only legal poker room in all of Texas, I felt obliged to try it out at least once. I found it to be a well run room, with good tables, chips, cards, and good lighting. I think the room would be profitable for the highly skilled player -- even though the rake is higher than the $4 maximum I think should me the most anyone charges. There were virtually no good players in the $1/2 game I sat in; and the $2/5 players were only marginally better -- and increasingly drunk as the night went on. I recommend this room, and the $2/5 game in particular,to good players who are willing to ride the roller coaster than wild players often bring to games like this. The $1/2 game is even more beatable -- especially if you play tightly and aggressively, diminishing the impact of the relatively large rake.

  8. The Dealers were extremely good and friendly. They did an awesome controlling game and were fair to all. I had a great time and will come back again.