Live 6-max Games?

Question by robustus Posted

Where can I play 6-max live? For low-ish stakes? In my experience, tables usually break when the player count drops to 5 or 6...


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a 6-handed live NLH cash game that was restricted to 6 players (as opposed to being a temporarily short-handed full ring game. I think the card rooms and casinos don't like to waste the same amount of space that can accommodate more players. They also tend to be a little slow with the raise-folding, and then having to wait for a new deck to be ready to deal.

    If you hear of any live poker rooms that spread 6-max, please post here. I'd love to know.

  2. @JonFriedberg Yeah, that's probably the thinking. There's also not much love for short-handed games among the average tourist and local-grinder types, in my experience.

    That said, Boulder Station has proven that niche specialization can work in a deep poker market, as evidenced by the fact that in their fairly small room, they manage to keep a few tables of $4/8 Omaha Hi running, cuz no one else spreads that game regularly (or so I hear).

    So maybe a room could justify spreading 6-max on the above grounds, plus the fact that if they tweak the rake structure (ie, take a small preflop rake), the increase in hands-per-hour will pay for the floorspace inefficiency.

  3. At the poker room I play in New Hampshire they have $40 and $50 sit n gos. The 40 is 10 handed and the 50 is 6 handed. I played 3 40s on Saturday. They had zero players register for the 6 player. It seems that even in that context 6 handed play isn't popular.

  4. @orcusvox Thanks for the info... Hadn't even thought about live 6max SNGs. Wish you'd seen them fill! Oh well.

  5. I would love this too but unfortunately the only time I see 6-max games is when they were once 9-handed and have started to die down.

  6. One of my friends played a 6 max sng at the aforementioned room. He said he enjoyed it. He said the game was pretty soft. Next trip to the room we may try to get a 6 max going. I usually go up with 2 or 3 other guys.

  7. @orcusvox Let us know how it goes!